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Family business installs EV charger at home

In September 2021 we spoke to Barista & Co Founder, James Gray, about why it was important to him to make the switch to electric and why he chose to install his first electric car charger at home.

Barista & Co is a family-run business; coffee connoisseurs who believe in creating great coffee, through honest, ethical, and sustainable means. Working closely with their farmers and factories, they support positive change in their communities.  As part of their business sustainability plan, James and the team do a lot of work to ensure that their practices have a positive impact. The decision to introduce an electric vehicle was important to tie in with these values.

“There are things we already do as a business to protect our planet. The factories and materials we choose to manufacture with are big decisions, and it’s obvious that they will have a positive impact. As a business, we also try to pay attention to the smaller things and commuting and how we deliver our products are part of that. That’s why we made the decision to introduce an electric car; to test the water and see if it is viable for us to move to an electric fleet.” 

Their electric car of choice? The Polestar. Although the car is mostly used for business, James and his partner Louise (Co-Founder) also require the vehicle for personal use and opted for a home charger. The landowners where the head office is based, are already looking into offering EV charging infrastructure and James noted that this essentially made up their minds when deciding whether to choose a home charger. Due to the nature of the business, there is a lot of travel back and forth between Dorset and larger cities. When speaking about the current charging infrastructure that’s available, James said, “For a long time the lack of infrastructure made us nervous about switching to an electric car. We’ve found now that the journeys into bigger cities like London, are actually quite easy and charge point availability isn’t such a concern,” James continued, “the main worry for us is the lack of infrastructure in our local area, which is why the home charger is great for us.” Plugging into the home charger overnight enables them to travel in and out of London on one full charge. James found the whole process “incredibly easy”.

“They offered simplicity and I’m a big fan of simplicity. The all-in-one process was effortless; that was a great relief for me as all I wanted was a charger at my home that functioned as it’s supposed to.”

On the day, the engineer found that the installation would require a non-standard install as the electricity meter was more than 20 metres away from where the charge point would be fixed. James said, “Our installation actually turned out to be quite complex as it was a non-standard install, but the engineer was amazing and found a solution right away for us.” James considers himself to be “tech-savvy” but admitted that he thinks sometimes public charging can be confusing, however, he loves the home charge app, finding it easy to use and understand.

Concluding, James said, “The whole onboarding process was incredibly smooth, the app is great, and the truth is, I had to do very little which was a huge benefit! I will definitely return if the need for chargers at our business location arises in the future”

The hope is that eventually the whole Barista & Co fleet of vehicles will be fully electric, and James says he would encourage all his staff to consider making the switch to electric.

Our home charge team with an Easee charger

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