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Charging your electric car at home

While the UK continues to champion electric vehicles, many fleet managers will be considering electrifying their fleet, and the different types of EV charging solutions on offer.

You may be that one step further and have introduced electric vehicles to your fleet and installed chargers at your depot. But what options do you have as your EV fleet grows, and how can you get the best out of your vehicles while supporting your employees to charge smarter?


Charging your electric car at home may be the answer. In this blog we discuss what you should consider before implementing a home charging policy for colleagues.

Charging your electric car at home – why? 

Having a home charging policy for employees who take electric vans or company cars home can save both time, money and potentially carbon (if employees switch to a renewable energy tariff and charge overnight/off-peak which uses cleaner and greener energy).

​​Unlike being reliant on public charging points, installing a home charger gives your employees absolute control over when they charge their electric vehicles. Charging at home, overnight, ensures vehicles are powered up and ready for the next day, saving unnecessary trips back to the depot. Installing home chargers can also reduce the need for further infrastructure investments at the fleet facility. Especially if power supply and space are limiting factors.

Setting up – what to ask your employees?  

Not all of your EV driving team will be able to charge at home and this might be down to the type of house they live in and ownership. You should ask the following questions when considering home charging for EV drivers.

  • Do you want to charge at home? 

Your employee might not want to park their work EV in their driveway to charge. Reasons for this could be that they would have to park their personal vehicle on the road. This could affect insurance premiums or increase the risk of theft or damage from passing vehicles.

  • Do you own your own home? 

Renters may need to obtain permission from their landlord to make their home EV-ready. If the member of staff isn’t in a long-term rental agreement it’s probably not worth the investment of installing a charger at that property.

  • Do you have off street parking? 

For those with driveways, charging at home will be ideal. If your employee’s only option to park, at home, is on a shared residential street, installing a home charger probably won’t be feasible. However, ask your employee to check if there are any on-street charging schemes nearby such as CoCharger or PlugShare. They enable charge point owners to share their energy with other EV drivers.

Who pays for the charger? 

You should be clear on what costs the company will cover before implementing an employee home charging scheme. Costs associated include installation and hardware. You might decide that the company will cover all costs as electric vans are seen as a tool for work or perhaps agree to a 50/50 approach. The employee pays for hardware while the business pays for installation.

We supply, install and provide aftercare, making it as easy as possible for you and your drivers.

Claiming back electricity 

So you’re installed and are ready to start charging your electric car at home, but how can employees claim back on their electricity usage? To do this you must be able to monitor the electricity usage and costs when company cars are charged at home.

There are several options to measure electricity use from EV charging:

  • Smart charging 

Smart charging stations such as the Easee One have the capability to monitor electricity use, which can be used for reimbursement. Employees can generate a usage report to claim back expenses.

  • Telematics

If you use a fleet EV telematics solution such as our partner LEVL, you can measure electricity use by vehicle location, rather than by charger. Setting up charging reports by location ensures electricity consumed at employees’ homes can be measured.

Depending on the variability of your employee’s energy rates, you may want to consider implementing a flat rate reimbursement policy.

For more information on our commercial home charge offer or for more advice please do get in touch. We are happy to help.

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