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Easee’s smart charging app

The Easee One charge point makes charging your electric car at home even easier, with the smart EV charging app.

When charging your car at home you want it to be simple and seamless. With the Easee One smart charging app, we’ve got you covered. Using intelligent EV charging software, the app gives you full control over your home charge point and charging sessions.

The smart app has a myriad of features to make your home charging experience an enjoyable one. In this blog, we’ll outline which features do what, and why.

Our home charge team with an Easee charger

We’re always on hand to answer any questions or talk you through your home charging journey in more detail.

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Manage your charge

With the Easee app, you can view and manage your home charging sessions, no matter where you are, at the touch of a button. You can check your charging status and stop or start a charge from your device.

Schedule your charge

The scheduling ability enables you to set your electric car to start charging at any time without the need to manually activate the charging session. This feature also means that you can start charging when your energy tariff is at its cheapest, saving you money on your energy bills.

Feel the power

With the equalizer tool, you can monitor the power consumption of your home and adjust the power being used by your home charger. This is especially useful for those times when your home is at its most active and using other household appliances.

Allowing access 

You can use the app to add an Easee Key that enables you to ‘lock’ your home charger. An Easee Key works just like an RFID card that you might use at a public charge point. This feature means that you can choose to leave your home charger open for other EV drivers to use, for example, if you are part of a community charging network, or add a Key to prevent others from being able to charge.

Get tethered in

A convenient feature of the smart EV charger app is that you can choose to permanently lock your charging lead into the unit. This will enable you to always have your charger cable ready to plug in and start charging, without the worry that your lead might get stolen.

Review your account

Want to see how much you’ve charged your electric car? With the app, you can view your data history and see how much energy you’ve used for the month.


Get the app

Once your Easee home charge point has been installed, our engineer will go through the next steps with you to get set up with the home charge app.

But just in case you need a reminder, here is how to download and set up the home charging app.

Download the app

  • Open the app store on your mobile phone (the Easee app is compatible with both Android and iOS)
  • Search for “Easee” and install the app onto your device.

Set up your account

  • Select “Create an account”
  • Fill your personal details into the required fields
  • You will receive an SMS with a code to activate your account
  • Enter the code and tap “Activate”

Once you have read the information displayed on the screen, click “Next” until you reach the next step in the setup.


Add your charger

  • Press the + icon to add your home charge point to your account
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen

Configure and charge

  • Configure your Easee One home charger and enjoy charging up your EV with ease!

Find out more about why we love the Easee One home charger in our blog The perfect electric car charger for your home.

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