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Home EV Charger is a Game-Changer for NUFC Club Doctor

At the start of 2022, Paul Catterson, Club Doctor for Newcastle United FC, decided to get an electric car. Paul contacted Mer (formerly Elmtronics), to install a home EV charger. In this blog, he shares his home charging experience with us.

EV drivers today can charge their electric cars in many different ways. Some may choose to charge solely using the public network, others may be lucky enough to have charge points at their workplace. But for many, the most convenient and cost-effective way to charge their vehicle is to install a car charger at home.

“Quite often I can be out of the house from 7am, dropping the children off at various sporting clubs around the North East, taking them to school, and then picking them up from cricket at night.

“I quite like my cars and decided that, with the increase in fuel prices, I wanted to get an electric car to use for everyday journeys to and from work, and taking his kids to school and sports clubs,” said Paul.

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Paul’s employer, Newcastle United FC, has a lease car scheme which he has used to lease a Tesla model 3. The club suggested he contact Mer to talk about getting a home charge point installed.

Man standing with Telsa model 3

“I’m always keen to use local suppliers, not only to support a local business but also for the ease of aftercare,” said Paul. 

For homeowners, the process of getting a charge point installed begins with an online survey via Jumptech. This allows the installation process to be carried out quickly and smoothly for both the homeowner and the installer.

“I was sent a link by Mer where I could then answer some questions about my electricity supplier and upload photos of my electricity isolation switch and the position outside my garage where I want the charge point to go,” explained Paul. “I found that was a useful way to carry out the survey.”

Once the online survey has been completed, it is then reviewed and one of the home charge team contacts the customer to arrange a date and time for the installation to be carried out.

A Mer engineer then visited Paul’s property to begin the installation of his new Easee home charger, starting by putting in a new lead from the electricity meter through to the front of the house. Paul can now enjoy the convenience of charging at home with his new smart charger, and the ease of being able to monitor his usage via the Easee app.

“The ease of charging on demand, when I need it, is the number one benefit. I’ll also be able to track my consumption and control that through the app that comes with the charge point. It will give me an idea of costs so I can decide whether I want to charge overnight to get a cheaper rate from my electricity supplier. 

“And it means I won’t be reliant on any third-party charging systems, although I am hoping there will be charge points installed at the Newcastle United FC sites, to encourage greener travel amongst the staff,” added Paul.

We understand that purchasing a smart home charger can be a daunting task, and choosing the right charger for your home can be difficult. At Mer, we support homeowners on their electrification journey from start to finish and offer a 3-year warranty and aftercare service for peace of mind. 

To find out more about how the Mer home charge team can help you, call us on 03300 562 562, or email us at [email protected]

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