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The best home EV charger

Here are our top 5 reasons why we think the Easee One is the perfect electric car charger for your home.

Choosing the right electric car charger is difficult when there are so many currently on the market. How do you decide which one is best for you and your EV? There are several factors that you will need to consider when choosing your home charge point, including quality, power, connectivity and even aesthetics.

We partner with Easee to offer the best home charging solution to our customers, and here’s our list of top 5 reasons why.

Take control

Using the smart home charge point app, you are in full control of your charging experience. This handy app has several features that allow you to charge your electric car at home the simple way.

Features include:

  • View charging status
  • Stop and start a session
  • Adjust charging power
  • Schedule your charging sessions
  • Lock the charging cable
  • Security controls

To be tethered or untethered?

One feature of the Easee home charger that many customers have found useful, is the tethered cable option. This enables you to lock in your charging cable with just a tap of a button via the app, making it even easier to pull up, plug in, and charge at home. Customers find this particularly handy in bad weather or on dark nights.

As an additional item, you can also keep your tethered charging cable neat and tidy with the Easee U-Hook in black or white.

Kind to our planet

We’re passionate about protecting our planet, and that’s just another reason we love the Easee One charger.

The smart charger weighs just 1.5kg, making it lighter than other charge points on the market, which means it also uses less CO2 to deliver to your door!

Due to its small size and weight, the home charge point uses less plastic and copper, saving the environment around 4kg per charger.

Forever weatherproof

With smart sensors and temperature measurements, the Easee One is protected against all kinds of weather. Snow, sun or rain, the home charge point withstands all conditions, which enables you to install your home charger either in a garage or mounted to an outside wall.

Smart and stylish

We know that functionality is the most important factor when it comes to choosing an EV charger for your home, but when permanently fixing something on your home, you also want it to look good. 

There’s no denying that the Easee One is a very attractive and intriguing looking charge point; its look has been likened to a fox, wolf and even a stormtrooper! And if you’re looking to really ramp up the style, you can choose from 5 elegant colours; black, white, anthracite, navy and red.

The Easee One smart home charger has a plethora of fantastic features that will make charging your car at home as simple as possible, and with Mer, the installation process is quick and easy. Our EV home charge expert has written this helpful blog explaining how it all works.

For more answers to all your home charge questions, check out our complete Home Charge Guide.

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