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Why Choose Mer for Your Home EV Charger Installation?

As electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly more popular, so has the number of untrained electricians installing charge points at homes across the UK. Learn why you should choose Mer as your home EV charger installation provider and avoid putting your home in danger.

In a leaked report from June 2021, it was found that many electric vehicle charge points installed at peoples homes could have “disastrous consequences”. This is due to untrained electricians carrying out the installations that were part of the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV), Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

It said in the report that 32 percent of the 371 installations audited were “completed to a satisfactory level” and 17.8 percent were found to have potentially dangerous issues in one or more areas. It was noted that many of the charge points audited were found to have issues such as bad wiring and internal equipment errors.

Due to the rapid growth of EV purchases over the last couple of years, it is believed that more electricians will continue offering charge point installations while not having the correct training. 

Many of the cheaper home charge point options on the market, also don’t come with any maintenance and aftercare services. This has resulted in added pressure for electricians to fix issues they are not fully equipped for.

However, blame shouldn’t solely be placed on the electricians carrying out this work, as unfortunately, training is not widely available in the UK. This is yet another barrier for those workforces that want to upskill and offer safe charging experiences for homeowners.

Thomas High, our Home Charge Executive says,

“This combination of a lack of training facilities and the demand for home EV charging stations could ultimately put homeowners in danger. For that reason, it’s important that EV drivers carry out extensive research and choose a reputable charging company, such as Mer, for their home charge point installation.”

So, why choose Mer?

When charging your car at home, you want peace of mind that your smart charger has been installed safely, to the highest standards, and with the best quality equipment.

At Mer, we have over 10 years of experience within the industry, including EV charging for the home and EV charging for business

All of our electricians are fully qualified and trained in EV charge point installation, and our expert home charge team helps guide customers throughout the full process, from purchase to installation, to aftercare. 

In June 2022, the UK government brought in new legislation that demands all future chargers being sold and installed, must be smart chargers – this includes chargers for the home.

Our Easee charger is one of the best available home smart chargers on the market, and allows you to charge safely and securely using the Easee app. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, meaning you can feel confident that not only will your home install be carried out to a high standard, but you will be supported should anything happen further down the line. 

UK safety regulations also require your electric vehicle charge point to be installed in an appropriate location. After you order your charge point, we will ask you to carry out a remote survey of your property, this will help us to establish where your safe charge point location is. 

This will also help us to establish whether you require a standard or non-standard installation, and will support you in finding a suitable spot for your charge point.

We don’t compromise when it comes to safety and quality, with Mer, you are paying for a top service from start to finish, and for years to come.

Contact our home charge team for more information or order your smart home charge point with Mer today.

Our home charge team with an Easee charger

We’re always on hand to answer any questions or talk you through your home charging journey in more detail.

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